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Every Kin-Lai product is built to last, whether it’s in-stock or custom-made for your store. First-quality materials, durable finishes, and robust engineering mean long-term practicality. High-tech manufacturing processes ensure accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

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Our customers say

“I was very pleasantly surprised when I found out that Kin-Lai already carries many of the kinds of fixtures I thought would have to be custom-made for my store. And they were in-stock, too.”

James R., boutique owner

“When updating my company’s stores, budget considerations meant I would likely have to do the best I could with in-stock fixture designs. Then, the people at Kin-Lai showed me how they could custom-design the most-visible central displays and integrate items from Kin-Lai’s extensive regular stock to complete my needs. They exactly met our budget.”

Raquel H., display manager, department store

“In our stores, we move around a lot of heavy inventory like air conditioners and barbeques for sales and seasonal specials. Our Kin-Lai fixtures get bumped and banged around by our powered handling machinery. We’ve found that the Kin-Lai products are very sturdy and well-made of high-quality materials. They are built to take the punishment of our retail environment.”

Raymond C., manager, hardware department

“I just want to thank the designers at Kin-Lai for fixtures that have our customers complimenting us on our store’s contemporary look and inviting displays.”

Bethany F., display supervisor